Welcome to St.Joseph's Leprosy Patients Society

St.Joseph's Leprosy Patients Society is a non-governmental voluntary organization founded in 1989 with the main aim of serving the cause of patients affected by leprosy and their families. The founders of this society were Fr.Schlooz and Mr.John. The main objectives of the organization is to undertake education and awareness programs aimed to spell out misinformation about the disease and the stigma attached that leads to discrimination of persons affected by leprosy that had resulted in many patients turned out from their homes by their own kith and to serve the cause of the leprosy affected and curved patients in as many ways and fields as possible in order that they live lives on equal footing with rest of the community members.

In the recent past SJLPS has also been serving he needs of other disabled persons in communities in and around the service area villages.Besides the above, the organization has also been working with self-help groups of women in the villages. In addition, the organization has also been instrumental in the formation and maintenance of self-help groups exclusively for the disabled.

Specific Programs

  • Educational Sponsorship Program.
  • Scholarship for education of the disabled children.
  • Maintenance grant for the disabled.
  • Fulfilling the basic needs - Charity work.
  • Medical help
  • Organization of the special school for the mentally retarded children.
  • Vazhi kattum thittam.
Latest News

Participation in the health camps organized by government health department in the villages of the service area of SJLPS by giving wide publicity to the programs with the help of self-help groups of women in the villages.

Motivation of leprosy patients to continue the full course of traetment, discussion about their felt and real needs and to help the individuals and families to take informed decisions in these matters.

Health education on Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs, as the two diseases also pose problems in society very much similar to leprosy.

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