Our School - St.Joseph’s Special School for the Children With
Intellectually Disabled

St.Joseph’s Special School for the Children With Intellectually Disabled principally works towards the rehabilitation of the downtrodden, outcaste, disabled, Cerebral Palsied and Mentally Retarded children where drop out children from the poorest families serve our principal focus. It has a soft corner for the CP/MR, the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) from pitiable family conditions with special reference to the young, children and the women who form neglected sections of the human society. So to offer these forgotten masses so called “CP/MR, PWDs, ”, poor and the segregated sections and to offer a new life and to care for these uncared children, we organized various programs. One such is Special school for the CP/MR , the DAY CARE CENTRE named St.Joseph’s Special School for the Children With Intellectually Disabled. We are delighted that we have been organizing various programs since 2012 to rehabilitate the broken families, youth, children and women from various social, economic and political situations. We have left no stone unturned to mainstream each section of the society and today it has won laurels. Right from the start, we are organizing various Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme with appropriate strategy. We have collaborated with the Government of Tamilnadu in various programs for the PWDs and the CP/MR. We have helped as many PWDs as possible to get ID cards and all government concessions. We have made all efforts to support PWDs. It started Self Help Groups for the Poor, separate Self Help Group for PWDs and separate SHGs for the women in order to get their rights and raise their cries against all atrocities and injustices. We have organized various regular awareness programmes to help the disabled to trap government resources the disabled ID card, disabled rights in various departments & in various places.