Educational Sponsorship Program

STJLPS Continued to do its level best to extend help to the education of children of the leprocy affected and other disabled and children from the poorer categories of the population .SJLPS had helped the children by bearing the cost of books,Notebooks and other Stationeries , Dress materials Etc . Some of the Other needs of the children like cosmetics ,casual wear , and inner wear and pocket expenses etc were also met through the organization . More than 300 children were given the help during the financial period. It is to be mentioned that 40 of them are disabled children .

Scholarship For Education of the Disabled children

In 2012-2013 ,SJLPS Has helped 60 children in securing government scholarship and other benefits for the children of leprocy affected and disabled persons and this is in addition to the direct help it renders to the children .

Maintenance Grant for the Disabled

SJLPS Has also been working with the government departments to help the leprocy affected and the disabled in securing all the benefits available for them through government schemes.In the Year 2012-2013 ,SJLPS Has helped 360 disabled persons to secure Rs 1000 Per Head Per Month as Maintenance Grants .

Fulfilling the Basic Needs –Charity Work

STJPS Has the realization that no individual or community should become dependent on any outsides but should become as independent as possible . But, the Organization also has the realization that there are individuals in communities whose basic needs have to be fulfilled only with outside help . Therefore SJLPS Has been Supporting these individuals in meeting their basic needs. SJLPS Provided Food , Clothing , Footwear and other essentials for these individuals.SJLPS has also has provided regular supply of rice,dhal and other essential food items to 136 persons.5 families in which at least one person is affected by leprosy have been living in the campus of the organization.

Medical help

SJLPS has found that many people under its care are so poor that they cannot spend on medical expenses.Lack of money necessitates many people to postpone seeking proper medical help from qualified persons.SJLPS realizes that postponing treatment could result in serious complications to the individuals. Hence,SJLPS has been rendering timely help to persons with health problems so tha they get cured as early as possible.In 2012-2013, SJLPS has helped 35 persons to undergo treatment as soon as they were found sick.

Organization of the special school for the mentally retarded children

SJLPS has been organizing the special school for 30 mentally retarded children receiving continued help from the government.The four special teachers in the school have been rendering their services with total dedication and commitment. The committee members continue to provide all the cooperation and support that are needed for the teachers and children.

Vazhi Kattum Thittam

The Tamilnadu government has selected the SJLPS to implement a government program for the Differently abled people.This selection is based on the good work done by SJLPS.The program known in the regional language as “vazhi kattum thittam” simply means “a program that shows the way”.This program is in effect since 2011.

The government has provided 45 field staffs and a project coordinator for this program.The salaries of these staffs are paid by the government.Through this program ,differently abled people are enabled to access facilities and schemes provided by the government for the differently abled people without any difficulty with the field staffs making regular home visits of all families in their respective villages.Through this program it han become possible that a good data base is available to the government about the differently abled people in the state so that the government could plan suitable programs for the benefit of the differently abled people in the state.

Latest News

Participation in the health camps organized by government health department in the villages of the service area of SJLPS by giving wide publicity to the programs with the help of self-help groups of women in the villages.

Motivation of leprosy patients to continue the full course of traetment, discussion about their felt and real needs and to help the individuals and families to take informed decisions in these matters.

Health education on Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs, as the two diseases also pose problems in society very much similar to leprosy.

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